DHF Lakeview is a state-of-the-art personal training and fitness studio in the heart of Lakeview, Chicago. Dan Hicks, the owner needed a new website to keep up with his expanding clients, and attention. I needed a personal trainer, so we found the perfect fit. I met with Dan and went over his options, as well as introducing him to video to make an even more powerful web impact.

DHF Lakeview’s old site was slow, and the owner, Dan Hicks was no web expert…rather a fitness expert. He wanted to be able to have a mobile-friendly site that his current and new clients could go on and instantly see prices, classes, and testimonials. SEO was also very important to Dan, as it should be with anyone creating, or modifying a website.


I told Dan one word when he reached out to me: WordPress. I told dan how I use WordPress for about 80 percent of my clients and it would be the best solution for him. I went ahead and setup a custom theme, and setup hosting for him which actually was saving him around $20.00 a month, or about $240.00 a year.

After setting up the theme, Dan and I worked together to create content for pages. After the initial framework was setup, I went to his studio and took high quality photographs so we would have images for the site. When all of the pages were laid out, I began to SEO his website, and used keyword tools so we knew exactly who to target.

  • Dan saw an increase in site traffic as well as overall new clients.
  • SEO improved from #10 to #2 on Google
  • Site is now mobile friendly and loads in just two seconds.


Chicago Web Design

“As a small business owner and someone who is unfamiliar with websites and web design, the process of trying to redo my website was giving me anxiety.  I didn’t know who to contact or where to go for help.. I didn’t even know what I needed or wanted.  Thank god for Ben.. We sat down and went over all the things that my site needed, and how we wanted it to look.  After giving me some great samples to get started from, we started redoing the entire page structure of the site, so that it flowed better and was extremely user friendly.  In a matter of no time, I had a site that I was proud of.  Ben even showed me how to use it, optimized it for SEO, and is still involved to this day. “
-Dan Hicks, DHF Lakeview

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