Local Chicago start-up, TIP Solutions (and my former full time employer) had a website that was not mobile friendly, or good at showing off their products. For a techs start-up, the website was not that intuitive or “modern”. They needed a fast and sleek website that easily showed off their products and technology to investors and consumers alike. They needed a way to showcase each app they had, as well as display an about page, team page, contact, and more.


I worked with my boss and together we picked out the appropriate look and feel for the site, and then I worked directly with our art director and started to design the website. The art director designed all of the elements, and I placed them into the site, and made each item functional and designed the pages.

After the content was written, pages created, and elements designed and placed we added a contact page, and a team page with the executive team getting custom team pages with a bio. A press page with over 25 different news articles and videos was also added, along with our technology and product pages.

  • Helped increase brand image and branding,
  • Helped TIP Solutions gain meetings with Fortune 500 companies.
  • Also branded with social media pages.


Chicago web design


“Benjamin has been with us since early 2014 and has helped us with our brand development, created a new company website, as well as websites for our apps. He has made videos for our products and has served as a contributor for new ideas on how to improve our apps and technology. Benjamin still helps us out this day serving as “behind the scenes” tech guru website building video making rockstar.”
-Mike Unetich
President, TIP Solutions

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