Benjamin Cohen Creative combines artistry and technical expertise to produce high quality, cost- effective HD video for individuals, businesses and non-profits. Benjamin and his team offers full scale video production and editing services.

Benjamin Cohen Creative offers full scale video production, editing, and marketing services. Benjamin starts by having an in-person or video conference with my clients to determine what is needed, the goals, and what the expected outcome should be. Then he and his team finds a location if one is needed, and we consult and prepare all talent. After production, footage is sent over and reviewed by the client and then editing starts. The benefit of working with just one person from start to finish gives the clients much greater flexibility, and the project can be completed much more efficiently, and more cost effective.

Idea Buyer

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How do I get started with my video project?
Each client meets, either in person or through video conferencing, with Creative Consultant Benjamin Cohen Creative to determine the scope, nature and goals of the project. As a client, 
you may bring your own ideas to the table or seek advice from your consultant on how to achieve your desired outcome. This personal client/consultant relationship allows for greater flexibility as your project moves forward.

How involved will I be in the video production process?
Benjamin will be happy to work with your ideas from initial concept and project development through filming and post-production. Or, once your goals have been established, you may leave creative decisions to your videography team. Your creative consultant will send you the footage for review before the editing process begins.

How much will it cost to have a professionally produced video made?
Benjamin Cohen Creative offers several video production packages with prices starting at less than $1,000. Custom pricing options are available. Contact Benjamin Cohen Creative for a quote on your project. 


  • Business Promo Videos

  • Product Videos

  • Whiteboard Explainer Videos

  • Yelp Spotlight Videos

  • Facebook Fanpage Videos

  • Kickstarter Videos

  •  Training Videos

  • Creative Documentaries

  • Videos For Websites

  • YouTube Channel Productions


HD & 4K Cameras

Pro Audio

Pro Lighting

Script Writing