The Could-Be-Better, But Still Good:


When I first started doing web design professionally, I had signed up with BlueHost. BlueHost is a great web hosting company if you have just 1-2 websites and want standard and cheap hosting. However, that had changed and I so had my needs. Some of my websites were starting to run slow and I know I needed a faster web host. I switched to SiteGround, which is a great platform if speed and customer support are important to you, like they are to me. They specialize in WordPress hosting and have a special caching plugin and cloud servers that are specially designed for WordPress making your site as fast as possible, much faster than companies like BlueHost and HostGator. However, BlueHost does have optimized WordPress hosting, I have not used it however.

The Best:

SiteGround offers a free full website transfer if you already have a website, or if you do not – a free domain which saves you about $15-$30. SiteGround also offers CloudFlare CDN for free which will help speed up your site as well. I have found they have far superior customer support than companies like BlueHost. When I opened a support chat with BlueHost I waited no less than 20 minutes each time, on average. With SiteGround, i’m connected to someone within seconds, and they are actually helpful and can understand the problems much better than BlueHost or HostGator agents. If you have a bigger more advanced website, I recommend MediaTemple, a great hosting company that specializes in WordPress hosting, or

DreamHost. DreamHost is another great option for complex and content-heavy WordPress site, while still offering a good price on hosting. Out of the two, I like MediaTemple the best, as it has email integration, and DreamHost does not.

The Cheapest (And Still Great):

The cheapest. and most stable web host I have found is iPage. iPage is good for simple, cheap, WordPress hosting and offers good support. Their plans start at $3.25 a month, and are perfect for cheap WordPress hosting. iPage offers special WordPress hosting, as well as standard shared WordPress hosting, I have used both and both are great.

At the end of the day, the if you have a simple WordPress site, iPage or SiteGround are both good options, if you have a site that is visited by many, and may need more storage space and bandwidth; MediaTemple or DreamHost are both great options.


In the near future, i’ll be writing an in-depth review for each host. And if you need help in choosing a host, send me an email and i’ll be happy to help you free of charge.


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